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house party tourTriple J have just announced their House Party National Tour.

Here is what they had to say on their website about it:

Stash your valuables coz House Party is headed your way! Hitting the road this August/September with a massive national club tour, is your host Nina Las Vegas + Flight Facilities + Cassian + Tyler Touché + Wave Racer!

Head over to the JJJ website for further details

Spendour In The Grass 2013This years Splendour was a huge event just like the previous ones have been.

Despite the site being swamped with rain in the days before, the resultant mud-patch didnt dampen the spirits of those who attended. A great time was had by all !

Some of the memorable events to happen over the 3 Day event included:

Day 1

  • Klaxons
  • Mumford and Sons
  • Architecture in Helsinki
  • Matt Corby

Day 2

  • The National
  • Flume
  • Empire of The Sun
  • Sarah Blasko

Day 3

  • Fidlar
  • Passion Pit
  • The Rubens

If you have any cool pics of your time at Splendour, please do send them in and we’ll post them here.


The Unearthed program was started by Triple J as a creative way to showcase and introduce some of the best and freshest new local Aussie bands to their radio listeners.

It has been going since 1995, and since that time has gone from strength to strength, with it’s popularity amongst Triple J listeners increasing year on year.

It has ‘unearthed’ some great acts, many of which have gone onto to successful careers in Australian music.

The current lineup of of unearthed bands includes the following:

  • Rainbow Chan
  • Robbie Miller
  • Postblue
  • Swimming
  • Braves
  • Georgia Potter
  • APES
  • The Love Junkies
  • Blud
  • Stonefield

Unearthed bands come from a wide cross section of genres, including:

  • dance
  • electronic
  • hip-hop
  • pop
  • punk
  • roots
  • indie

Music Industry Professional Indemnity InsuranceIf you are actively engaged in the Australian indie music industry and provide any type of professional service, then professional indemnity insurance is probably something that you may already have heard about it.

But despite this, many who fall into this category but are still new to the industry may not know or fully appreciate why this type of insurance is particularly important.

Professional indemnity insurance provides legal and financial protection for you in the event that someone makes a claim against you in respect to the professional services that you provide.

Professions within the Australian indie music industry who may require such insurance products include: band managers, financial advisers, accountants, booking agents etc – in fact anyone who provides professional advice or services may require this type of insurance.

To check whether this applies to you, talk to your financial adviser or accountant. They will be able to provide advice on whether professional indemnity insurance Australia is right for you, and if so, help you select an appropriate insurer.

public liability insurance quote

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to work with a band, travelling around from gig to gig … festival to festival.

Sounds great, that’s for sure.

But the reality of life on the road for Roadies and other gig support crew can be completely different.

Its definitely a hard job to begin with, lugging around speaker stacks, setting up stages etc. So if you’re thinking that this sort of job could be for you, you will wanna make sure that your physically fit to say the least.

Even then, those that are physically fit and performing this type of job, are still at a higher risk than the general public of serious injury – to both yourself and members of the public. But what happens then if an accident does happen? What happens if the band does not have the right insurances in place if something were to go wrong. Chances are that most people engaged in this industry do so employed as contractor. This generally means you need to take care of your own finances. If your a roadie and you injure a member of the public whilst on the job, you could be held liable. This is where public liability insurance can help out. It’s a finance product that can provide financial cover in the event that you are responsible for injuring a member of the public, and where that member of the public makes a financial claim against you..

Now, i know that talking about insurance products doesn’t sound very “rock n roll” – right? But in all truthfulness, if you don’t look after yourself financially, chances are no one else is either – and you can therefore leave yourself wide open to serious financial strife. Getting a¬†public liability insurance quote is not really a difficult thing to get sorted. Speak to your account or financial adviser, and they will set you on the right path, and discuss with you options that are right for your own unique circumstances.

Life on the road with a band is a great life, but just make sure that your have the correct insurance in place just in case the worst happens.